Residential Tenancies Act

Who is a Landlord?

The Applicant submits as follows: 1. The Member made an error of law and fact in his determination of the definition of Landlord that was clearly an unreasonable finding considering the evidence which was before the Member. THE FACTS 2. On or about April 10, 2916, the...

Roommates and the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) 2006

The Request to Review raised the question of whether Section 61 and 234(x) of the RTA governs the relationship between a tenant and his/her roommate(s) and submits as follows: 1. Does Section 61 and 234(x) govern the relationship between a tenant and his/her roommate...

T2, T3 or T6 that is the Question

ISSUES 1. The Tenants were not able to participate in the proceeding because the Member refused to hear any evidence or submissions from the Tenants. The hearing tape confirms that there is a total disconnect between the Member’s statements at the hearing and the...

What is the correct test for bad faith?

ARGUMENT 1. In Wakula et al v. Yaoutsis, TST-58317-14, the Member determined that, “……the issue before the Board is whether at the time it was given, the notice was given in bad faith.” 2. In the Wakula case, the tenants were pensioners and had resided on the main...

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